What is creative analytics?

Creative Analytics is a practice of using tools and techniques to better understand what is working in your ad creatives so you can apply the insights to future efforts. This advertising intelligence helps you to customize, optimize, and improve ads spent over time- beyond budget and audience updates. The core of creative analytics (and Darwin technology) is to answer the question: “How can I improve my creatives to make them perform better in ads without just guessing?”.

Here is a simple example:

A simple example is to compare the performance of your ads that include your logo in them against the ads that don't include your logo.

In the example above, creative analytics taught you that ads with your logo were doing better, and if you were to make a new ad, it might be a good idea to include your logo. Darwin technology does this for you with greater accuracy by scanning your ads and extracting hundreds of elements (like your logo). This is  so you can make better creative choices to maximize the impact on your KPI’s such as ROAS or CPA’s.

Why is creative analytics important for ad performance?

iOS14 and other privacy issues have led to a difficult time for digital marketers that has forced advertisers to start looking at new avenues to start improving the efficiency of their marketing. Before iOS14 performance marketers were mainly focused on refining audience targeting strategies. Brand builders were mainly focused on aesthetics, with very limited interaction between the two departments. As a direct result, there was very little meaningful information being transferred between the analytical and creative of any marketing organization. This can be looked at like the left and right brain not communicating with each other as an example. iOS14 has made audience targeting more difficult and performance has suffered with spend increasing and acquisition and sales decreasing. Organizations realize they need to look to use  creative ads analytics as the best way to improve moving forward. In fact, studies have shown that creatives are the most important part of your marketing campaigns, representing 70% of their ad performance.