Problem: CPM’s Are Rising

Average CPM’s are up 93% on Facebook since Q1 in 2021. Traditionally, advertisers have tried to combat CPA and CPM increases with budget optimizations and audience testing.  The introduction of iOS14 and privacy controls in April 2021 has made these tactics even less effective. Post iOS 14, 95% of advertisers are experiencing higher CPAs. Alongside the rising market forces, advertisers experienced greater competition across social platforms. With higher costs and less audience granularity, the pressure on creative to perform has increased.

CPA's Higher for 95% of Advertisers Pos-iOS 14.5

Solution: Creative Testing

Our clients utilize Creative Testing as a means to combat the rising CPM and CPA trends in the market today. Darwin’s software houses and interprets the metrics, visual concepts and audience breakdowns that advertisers need to make informed decisions. Supplementing an advertiser’s current resources, Darwin offers technology to improve and expedite the process of testing new creative. 

Impact: CPA Trends Using Darwin

Over a 90 day period using Darwin technology, you can expect a 20-30% lower CPA than your existing efforts (see chart below).

Creating a framework for finding quality creative and testing new concepts, Darwin’s software enables advertisers to leverage creative insights to drive performance on paid social. For more information about our technology or to schedule a demo, visit us at