Darwin's Agency Partnership Program

Darwin, a data driven creative testing platform, announced the launch of the Agency Partnership Program to compliment the Advertiser direct model introduced previously.

The program is engineered to provide agencies with best in class creative analytics tools to help them improve performance for their clients. The platform can be used by agencies directly or in collaboration with their clients to take advantage of data driven creative opportunities.

“Agencies can differentiate themselves from competitors in three ways: people, technology, and data. The problem is a lack of differentiated technology, and the data isn’t being used as effectively as it could be.” said John Bauschard, CEO and founder of Darwin. “Darwin provides technology and resources to set them above their competitors in all three of those categories.”

How Darwin helps marketers

Technology - Creative Analytics

Ad agencies and marketers use Darwin’s Creative Analytics tool to identify data driven opportunities based on what is working for each specific marketer. The AI identifies the elements that are working for marketers that they should include in tests and what they should avoid.

Resources - Creative Studio

Agencies often use this tool in addition to the Creative Studio, a network of over 200 creators, which can turn around data driven assets in two business days. Creative Studio allows agencies to meet clients demands quickly and effectively.

Darwin Testing Framework: How to improve through data driven creative testing

Darwin’s agency partners are able to grow and retain their clients despite iOS 14 and rising market forces. Utilizing data insights across media platforms, Darwin enables agencies and clients to maximize performance potential. If you would like to learn more about the Agency Partner Program, reach out to agencypartners@darwinsoftware.io.

About Darwin AI

Darwin AI is a SaaS company that helps marketers identify and test data driven creative to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Founded in 2018 by former Mediaocean co- founder, Darwin has offices in New York and Chicago.