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Over the past 10 years the industry has been focused on audience optimization to gain efficiency. With large media platforms now taking care of audience optimization for you, advertisers have less ability to be more efficient than their competition. Advertisers are now looking for new ways to become efficient. Direct to consumer (DTC) advertisers are leading the charge. Since their entire business model is reliant on their CAC (customer acquisition cost), they are hypersensitive to changes in market forces, and are always willing to test and learn new strategies to gain an edge. The cutting edge of DTC is looking into ways to improve creative to drive performance.

Advertisers and agencies can gain business intelligence through data-driven creative intelligence

Aligning the right message to the right audience is a big opportunity for advertisers to gain not only efficiency, but actionable business intelligence, but to date there has been no methodology or technology to be able to test, measure, and learn from creative tests. Our clients embrace our creative driven technology and processes, and are able to gain insights through the social platforms that they can use across their entire marketing mix. We have clients using our insights for TV, direct mail, landing page design, email marketing, and more. Larger advertisers and agencies are learning from their nimble DTC counterparts, and are starting to adapt to the new landscape and adopt strategies to gain efficiency. The future of advertising is to use data-driven creative intelligence to drive business intelligence.

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